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Kosher Gift Baskets in Brooklyn


New York City, and Brooklyn in particular, has a rich history of Jewish culture embedded throughout the region. The influences of Jewish culture can be seen in many traditions, but none more so than the traditional kosher foods that have long been a staple for many in Brooklyn. Many of these traditional favorites can be found in our kosher gift baskets from Gift Kosher, and sent directly to your door in Brooklyn.  


Traditional Kosher Foods


Some foods are so common during Jewish holidays, you simply wouldn’t consider it a traditional holiday without them. Here are some of the most common kosher sweets served around the holidays:



Rugelach - Rugelach is a pastry that is commonly found on cookie trays. This Kosher delight is usually crescent/horn-shaped, and is filled with anything from chocolate to fruit preserves. 

Babka - Babka is a traditional bread that is filled with sweets such as chocolate, cinnamon, and sugar. In the past, babka was made with the scraps of challah bread left over traditional Kosher meals. 

Mandel Bread/Mandelbrot - Often associated with biscotti, mandel bread is a traditional Jewish cookie that often contains nuts such as almonds. This is a sweet treat, often consumed after Shabbat. 

Honey cake - Honey cake is often flavored with various spices. This traditional Jewish cake is often consumed during Rosh Hashanah, as honey symbolizes hope for the new year. 

Kosher Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

At Gift Kosher, we have assembled kosher gift baskets that are perfect for any occasion. Not only do these gift baskets look great, but they are also delicious! Occasions that we have prepared baskets for include: 

  • Rosh Hashanah - Celebrate the Jewish new year by providing your host with a beautiful gift basket! Our Rosh Hashanah gift baskets have plenty for all, so there is enough sweets for everyone to get a taste of traditional kosher foods. 

  • Shiva - The passing of a loved one can be a difficult time for all. Show your care and sympathy by providing your friend/family member with one of our Shiva gift baskets

  • Get Well -  Nothing can cheer up a sick friend or family member quite like a basket full of traditional Kosher sweets. Our get well soon baskets let them know you are thinking of them in troubling times!

  • Birthdays - Celebrate another year of life with one of our kosher birthday gift baskets! The perfect gift for any adult or child, and there are plenty of treats in the basket to go around. 

  • Father's Day - Let your father know you are thinking of him by giving a traditional Kosher Father’s Day basket! There are plenty of baskets to choose from, so you can tailor your choice to your father’s preference. 

  • Passover - Celebrate Passover by sending a loved one an elegant Passover gift basket, hand-crafted by Gift Kosher. Our baskets include many of your favorite traditional Jewish foods!

  • Purim - Gift giving is custom during Purim, and there is no better way celebrate than by giving a beautiful Purim gift basket to a friend or family member. 
  • Corporate Gifts - Win the favor of any potential business partner by gifting them a traditional kosher corporate gift basket, complete with all of your favorite traditional sweets!

  • Gift Kosher Ships to Brooklyn, New York

    As a small token of gratitude for your valued business, Gift Kosher offers next- day delivery to Brooklyn residents on all orders. If you place an order before 5PM, you will receive your delicious gift basket on your doorstep the next day! This is the perfect solution to those last-minute holiday/special occasion gifts, and the recipient will be sure to love the gesture. All of our kosher foods are guaranteed fresh at your door, and we take pride in every treat we create. If you are looking for kosher gift baskets in Brooklyn, look no further than Gift Kosher!