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Passover Gift Baskets

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Happy Passover Fruits & Treats Gift Basket
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Abundant Seder Basket - Passover
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Passover Cookies Gift Tray
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Passover Bakery Gift Basket
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Passover Chocolate & Nuts Gift Platter
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Handmade Round Shmura Matzos
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Traditional Passover Seder Gift Basket
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Manischewitz Passover Matzos - 2 LB
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Passover Gefilte Fish
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Dark Chocolate Covered Egg Matzo
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Passover Fruit Slices
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Kosher for Passover Seven Layer Cake
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Passover Jelly Roll Duo
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Passover Rainbow cake
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Passover Black & White Cookies
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Gourmet Nuts Gift Tray
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What is Passover?

Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation of Hebrew slaves in Egypt. The term Passover derives from the "passing over", or sparing, of the first born child on the eve of Exodus. 

In the year 2021, Passover begins with the first Passover seder on the evening of Saturday, March 27 and ends on Sunday, April 4th. However, is Israel, Passover begins on Sunday, March 28 and end on Saturday, April 3. 

Passover is celebrated by sharing many traditional Kosher foods, as well as reciting and reciting recreating many historical events that occurred during the time. Strict dietary laws are observed during passover, as well as reduced work hours on certain days. 

Passover Gift Baskets

Gift giving is common during passover, and nothing makes a perfect gift quite like a custom Passover gift basket from Gift Kosher. Our gift baskets are certified kosher, and include many of the traditional Jewish foods that are enjoyed during the holiday. 

Including Challah, Rugelach, Babka, and more, our gift baskets make the perfect gift for friends, family members, an all others during Passover. Our baskets are delivered fresh , and we guaranteed to reach you by the holidays.