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What is Purim? 

Purim, also known as the "Feast of Lots", is a Jewish holiday marking the saving of the Jewish people from persecution of the Persian Empire. This even can be found in the Book of Esther, and begins in the city of Shushan with an evil Prime Minister named Haman. 

Haman convinces his king (King Achashverosh) that all Jewish people should be slain. This stems from a previous event with a Jew named Mordecai, who refused to bow down to Haman. However, unbeknownst to Ahasuerus, his wife Esther (Mordecai's niece) is a Jew. 

When Achashverosh discovers that his wife is Jewish, he reverses Haman's decree to slay the Jewish people. Instead, Haman and his sons are killed in the process. This event is celebrated today as Purim (meaning "lots" in Hebrew) by people of the Jewish faith to commemorate the triumph. 

Purim is Monday, March 6 - Tuesday, March 7 2022

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Make a mark with our unique and beautiful Purim Gifts - Mishloach Manot. Send gourmet delights with joyful wishes that are sure to captivate the Holiday spirit.