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Rosh Hashana ceramic apple & honey tray filled with candies & Nuts by Gift Kosher
Ceramic serving Tray - Gift Kosher

Rosh Hashanah Candy & Nuts Platter

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A beautiful & colorful assortment of sweet candies and nuts, designed for the Jewish New Year.  This Rosh Hashana Candy & Nuts Platter is served on an elegant ceramic Apple & Honey tray that can be reused throughout the High Holidays. This gift is perfect for when hosting guests or to send as a Shana Tova gift.

All items are 100% Kosher, certified OK Kosher Pareve. 


  • Viennese Chocolates 
  • Honey Glazed Pecans
  • Swiss Petite Candies
  • Honey Glazed Cashews
  • Honey Sticks
  • Wooden Honey Dipper
  • Ceramic Apple & Honey Serving Platter