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Kosher Gift Baskets in New York City

When you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your Jewish friends and family, ensuring that anything edible follows kosher law is the respectful and thoughtful choice. In case you weren’t familiar with the concept, kosher food is anything to eat or drink that follows the dietary principles permitted in Jewish culture. 

Kosher foods are appreciated by people from all communities and backgrounds, with exceptional tastes and flavorings. You can now place an order online and have the kosher baskets delivered to any location in New York City. 

Traditional Kosher Baskets Combine Breads, Pastries, and Fruit

Whether you’re observing a religious holiday or simply wishing to indulge in your sweet tooth, try out one of these kosher baskets packed with the freshly-baked goodies and succulent fruits. Here are some of the tantalizing kosher sweets you could choose.

Mandel Bread or Mandelbrot

Traditionally called mandelbrot in Yiddish and German, these cookies are twice-baked, resulting in a delicious crispy texture. A perfect accompaniment for coffee and tea, mandel bread is loaded with almonds, raisins, and chocolate chips.


Rugelach is a common Jewish pastry made with triangle-shaped dough rolled up with a filling placed in the center. The result is an irresistible crescent or horn-shaped delight, gracing every cookie tray.

Honey Cake

A Rosh Hashanah staple, the honey cake signifies hope for the Jewish New Year. These cakes are typically flavored with spices and since they are made without dairy products, lactose-intolerant will be excited to find that they can safely join in on dessert.


Originally made with pieces of bread leftover from challah, babka reunites those pieces with a sweet combination of chocolate, sugar, and cinnamon. Break it open and the twisted layers separate to reveal chocolate swirls inside. Yummy!

Order Kosher Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

Should you check our Gift Kosher website, prepared to be spoiled for choice. We have a stunning range of foods suitable for just about every Jewish event and celebration. Choose sweet treats your friends will like the best and put together a customized array. Here are some recommendations for your next big occasion.

Rosh Hashanah

The perfect way to ring in the Jewish New Year would be a Gift Kosher basket of traditional sweets that signify new beginnings, blessings, and abundance. You’d put together an assortment of items like apples, honey, challah, honey cake, pomegranates, and dates.

Get Well Soon

What better way to convey your good wishes to a sick friend recuperating from an illness? Send them a lovely basket with wholesome foods like apples, oranges, nuts, and a treat or two like rugelach.

Celebrating a Birthday 

Relay warm wishes for a happy birthday with these kosher baskets filled with sweet treats for your favorite recipients of all ages. You can choose from a selection of sweet and savory bread and fruit. Some great choices would be knish, babka, honey cakes, and hamantaschen.

Shiva Baskets

Send your condolences and support to a friend or family member mourning the loss of a loved one. These sympathy baskets warm the heart and soothe a grieving soul, expressing your support and shared grief. Each basket has a selection of sweet and salted nuts, assorted toffees, mandel bread, and perhaps dried fruit.

Mother’s Day

Your Mother’s Day celebration would not be complete without one of these collections of delectable treats. Surprise and delight Mom with some of her favorite foods, including an assortment of bagels and lox, rugelach, and chocolate with candied fruits.

We Deliver to Any Location in New York City

Looking to place a last-minute order for a kosher gift basket for a loved one? Trust Gift Kosher to deliver to any location in New York City, right on time. Each item is guaranteed fresh and shipped the next day, a special offer to residents placing orders before 5 pm. We take pride in our creations and make sure to keep up with your kosher needs. When you choose Gift Kosher, you can be sure!