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Kosher Gift Baskets in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a vibrant Jewish culture that can be traced back as far as 1841. Jewish cuisine or traditional kosher foods are well-favored and noted for wholesome goodness and distinctive flavors. The most notable has become something of an all-American favorite--bagels are now a staple of every household. 

Treat your family and friends to these goodies by ordering them online and having them delivered at your doorstep. Gift Kosher takes orders for delightful baskets that can bring a smile to your loved ones’ face. 

Traditional Kosher Fare for Every Taste

Jewish holidays and events would not be complete without some of these sweet treats. Here are some of the options you can get:


Babka is now available in a range of exciting versions but easily recognizable by the twisted braid bread style. Bite into one of these and feel your mouth filling with the delicious taste of cinnamon, chocolate, apple, and various other flavors. 

Honey Cake

Eating Honey Cake at Rosh Hashanah brings in a sweet new year with the goodness and hope of honey. Soft, moist, and decadent, balanced with just the hint of crispiness around the edges. 


Typically eaten after the Shabbat or Jewish day of rest, the mandelbrot is similar to biscotti and is a kind of crunchy cookie. The bread is twice-baked with just a little extra oil and butter to give it a richer, more luscious texture.


Rolled up pastry triangles with an assortment of fillings in the center are a sure favorite for any group. Every cookie tray must have these pastries that entice with their crescent, horn-shaped look. Choose from a selection of fillings to suit every palate.

Order Gift Kosher Baskets for Every Occasion

A kosher gift basket is a must-have for every occasion. The fantastic treats and elegant presentation warm the heart and convey your good wishes for the recipient. We have a variety of baskets with pre-selected all-time favorites. But, we also accept customized orders to surprise your loved ones.

Birthday Gift Baskets

Our kosher gift baskets are suitable for recipients of all ages. Select from traditional items like flaky bourekas, challah, sufganiyot, rugelach, and dairy-free, flour-free chocolate cakes that are not only kosher, but allergy-friendly.

Rosh Hashanah

Send your hosts, family, and friends good wishes for the coming New Year filled with abundance and prosperity. Your kosher gift baskets would have Balsamic Apple Date Challahs, Honey Cakes, and Date Coconut Rolls along with fresh apples and pomegranates.

Mother’s Day

Show your Mom appreciation for being so special, the sleepless nights caring for you, and unforgettable meals. This Mother’s Day, send over a basket of her favorite baked goods along with an assortment of chocolates, nuts, fruit, and candy.

Shiva Baskets

Losing a loved one is a trying time and you can show your support in a tangible way by reaching out with a basket of cookies, pastries, and nuts. Place an order for an assortment of rugelach, challah, black and white cookies, and toffee-covered almonds. 

Feel Better Soon 

Show support and care to a friend or family member recuperating from an illness. Pick out a basket filled with wholesome fruit, nuts, light breads, and other treats that are sure to speed up recovery and bring them good health and wellness.

Gift Kosher Delivers to Any Location in Los Angeles

At Gift Kosher, we understand that you may have last-minute orders for a holiday or an unexpected occasion. Placing an order with us guarantees freshly-baked items cooked with careful regard for kosher dietary requirements. As a special offer for orders placed before 5 pm, we’ll deliver the very next day. Each basket reflects our dedication to customer’s needs and attention to detail. Be sure with Gift Kosher.