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Traditional Passover Seder Gift Basket

Traditional Passover Seder Gift Basket

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A classic basket with all Seder essentials ready to get you started! Included inside are holiday staples such as Matzo, Grape Juice, and Gefillteh Fish. 

This traditional Passover Basket is great to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. 

All items are 100% Kosher for Passover, Pareve. Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free. 

This Basket contains:

  • Matzo - 1 LB
  • Grape Juice 
  • Gefillteh Fish 
  • Matzo Ball Mix
  • Zesty Horseradish Sauce - 9 oz

 Includes a Gift Card with your personalized message.

Matzo is packed safely, but due to the fragility of this item, it is possible that some pieces may arrive cracked. We cannot be responsible for breakage.