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Gift Kosher Shiva Sympathy Basket filled with lots of Baked Goods. Elegant & Deluxe
Gift Kosher Basket filled with lots of Baked Goods. Elegant & Deluxe

Shiva Deluxe Gift Basket

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This exclusive deluxe Kosher Gift Basket is packed with gourmet foods! A  beautiful arrangement of delicious foods and treats that is perfect for any occasion! Wow your crowd with this impressive and unique Kosher Gift Basket.  Comes with a woven basket that can be reused for many purposes. 

All items are 100% Kosher Pareve - Non Dairy & are Pat Yisrael. 

Shiva basket contains:

  • 2 Challahs OU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Chocolate MandelbreadOU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Chocolate Babka CakeOU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Cinnamon Babka Cake OU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • 3 Layer Cake OU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Chocolate RugelachOU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Cinnamon Rugelach OU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Black and White cookies OU Pareve, Pas Yisroel
  • Viennese Crunch OU Pareve
  • Chocolate Pops OU Pareve
  • Woven Rectangular Basket 

Basket Approx Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 3". Baskets are subject to change to equal or greater value. 

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