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The Jewish Holiday of Spring - Passover

The Jewish Holiday of Spring 

Spring. The birds are singing. The days are longer. The sun is warmer. Hope is in the air. A fresh start.

Passover brings with it a delightful springtime. Nature’s creativity hides itself during the winter. All winter long, the trees stood still. Their silhouette stark against the pale winter sky.

With the spring, the natural life begins to slowly hint its way to us, that it will emerge. There is hope for rebirth and for a new life. These forces spring up the blossoms that turn into fragrant fruits later on.

Us humans may also go through “winters” throughout our life. Times of a frozen activity. Everything seems to lack life. Stuck, stagnant in a position.

Still, there is hope. Spring will yet come. Productivity can grow after a time of inactivity and fruitlessness.

We must never consider ourselves or others to who have ended our usefulness, even though a long time has passed.

Our “winters” can certainly turn into “springs”!

When we have the right inspiration. When we get that helpful push. We come to a time to blossom. These blossoms will eventually lead to good fruits. Healthy and happy results for ourselves and for others.

The meaning of springtime in Jewish life is hinted to in the festival of Passover. For 210 years our People lived in Ancient Egypt. They lived under physical and spiritual slavery. Stuck, in a negative environment. With little or no hope for a revival of Jewish life.

Suddenly, came the Exodus. Our People were born anew. In the Spring.

So, how do you get a taste?

How do you bring this great energy into your life, this Passover?

You eat Matza.

The original.

Handmade with great care. Brick oven baked “Shmura” Matzo.

 The real deal.

Easy to get at Gift Kosher.


The table is set. The candles are lit. Everyone is washed and dressed in their finest clothes. A  white tablecloth contrasts to the sparkling red wine and the bright green romaine lettuce.

 As family and friends gather around, we retell the story of limitations and freedoms. We eat Matzo.

We relive and renew our Jewish Spring.


A Happy and Kosher Passover to you and your loved ones

From all of us at Gift Kosher


This year, Passover begins at sundown on Friday, April 19. Passover ends Saturday night, on April 27.

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